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We offer engine maintenance and troubleshooting, on-site service calls, part replacement as well as complete rebuild and restoration.


Wiring is done by a licensed ABYC electrician, from engine and gauge wiring to installation of auxiliary components.


Spring start ups, launch & delivery to your dock, on-site service calls, end-of-season haul outs, winterizations and storage.



Mooring covers, upholstery, hardware sourcing & re-chroming, gauge restoration, trailers, transport services, boat brokerage and more.



We can help you keep your finishes in top shape with regular maintenance, and we can strip & refinish your entire boat if the time has come to do so.



Full woodworking services such as plank replacement, structural & cosmetic repair, new fabrications or whatever your wooden boat may need.



Our bottoms are no-soak, 5200 style bottoms. We use CPES and barrier coat primer. Frames, keel, chines, etc. as needed



Be it a recently purchased barn find or a treasured family boat, we will help you bring your boat back into prime shape.




“Do it once and do it right” are words to live by. Here at LRWB, we understand that your boat is much more than just a boat. It is a work of art with a soul, and a member of your family. It is because of our passion for these beautiful craft that we are here, and committed to helping you keeping her looking and running as new (or better!) with top quality materials and craftsmanship.


We are able to fit boats of up to 30' in length into our shop, and no job up to that length is too big or too small. From a simple scratch repair to a full restoration, LRWB is dedicated to helping you experience the fullest enjoyment and confidence in your wooden boat.

LRWB consists of four craftsmen in a 4500 sq ft shop where we are able to work on 6-7 boats at a time.


Rob Lawrence is the owner, who bought LRWB from Phil Spencer in the spring of '18. Rob has been boating since he was born and fell in love with wooden boats when his father brought home a stray '50 Century in '76 when Rob was 6 years old. He helped with the refinishing and still owns the boat. Rob has always worked in some type of mechanical field or another, from auto mechanic to machinist mate on a fast attack submarine (the USS Billfish), to machinist for Westinghouse Electric Company, working his way up there to lead test engineer testing nuclear reactor coolant pumps. After 18 years with Westinghouse, Rob met Phil and they both decided that Rob buying the business was a win-win for both of them. This allowed Phil to spend the day doing what he loved without the stress of business ownership, and allowed Rob to make a career change from one that held little interest to him to one that is his passion. Rob enjoys all aspects of the process but as he is a little obsessive toward attention to detail, tends to gravitate toward those areas.


Steve Pelizza is our Shop Manager and joined us in late '20 with about 10 years of wooden boat experience, with some of those years working for Phil Spencer. While being a varnish man at heart, Steve spend most of his time in the wood shop these days, and is just as likely to be emailing and making phone calls with customers as Rob.


Noah Bolstridge

Service Tech


Joe Dupell

Service Tech

For those of you new to the wooden boat hobby, looking into a restoration can be a bit intimidating. It is no secret that the restoration of a wooden boat is not inexpensive, and hidden issues may be found once the process is started. For these reasons, LRWB can work with you to set milestones for your specific restoration/maintenance plan, allowing you to decide if and/or how to continue. Work can progress at your pace, and rest assured you will not be pressured into doing more than you are ready for.



For those of you with a classic wooden boat ranging from a “grey boat” to one already being enjoyed- from a 15’ plywood outboard model to a 30’ solid mahogany inboard- we realize that different customers have different preferences when it comes to overseeing the project- from the once-a-week visits to the “call me when it’s done” approach. Our door is always open for our customers to see the progress being made. For those on a budget, we will set milestones for your specific restoration allowing you to decide if or how to continue. A good example would be if you know you need a new bottom but the condition of the frames cannot be determined until the bottom is off. We can take the bottom off, assess, and let you decide if continuing is worth it to you. We do this so that you do not feel locked into a full restoration and because we are confident that if or when you decide to continue, you will decide to continue with us. How or when to continue is up to you! And our open workmanship policy and emphasis on keeping our customers in the loop will let you rest easy knowing that we can continue at your pace, and that your baby is in good hands.

"Quality and craftsmanship is long remembered after the price is forgotten". Many of the boats restored at LRWB have sentimental value to the owners. Perhaps it was a boat you had ridden in as a kid, or one that was passed down from a family member. That a boat has some family heritage or personal memories makes it a great candidate for a restoration. Restorations are a good option for people with a boat sitting in the barn, but are also an option for someone contemplating buying one. The benefits of a restoration over purchasing a classic woody ready to ply the waters will vary, but with a restoration or refinishing at LRWB you are guaranteed exceptional quality to your exacting specifications.

LRWB is ready to work with you to create exactly what you desire, from the purist approach to whatever customizations you have in mind.



You can use this form, or call/email us directly if you prefer. 

990 Center Street

Wolfeboro, NH 03894

Tel: 603-569-5038



8-4 M-F is a safe bet! Although please call ahead if you are driving any appreciable distance, as we may be performing services outside the shop at times.


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