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Our Rates

Shop Labor Rate

During business hours - $125/hr

After business hours - $175/hr (per customer request)

(Business Hours - 7:30-4, M-F)


  • Quick clean of any debris that may have accumulated during storage - No Charge

  • Clean waterline scum after haul-out - $3/ft

  • Thorough cleaning of hull and interior including: Wash and chamois deck, hull & transom, clean windshield, clean compartments & cubbyholes, upholstery, thorough vacuum - $15.00/ft (does not include cabins)

Spring Inspection

  • Reactivate motor, start & run in yard, ensure cooling water flow - No Charge if winterized with us

  • Mechanical Check - Check the following: fuel level, oil level and condition, transmission fluid level and condition, belts condition/tension, hoses condition, water separator, fuel lines, fuel filter, spark plugs, plug wires, cap/rotor, exhaust hose, battery, bilge pump operation and intake clear, lights, horn, blower, prop, cutlass bearing, flame arrestor, hose clamps, gauges functioning properly - $300

  • Remove & inspect impeller (inboards only) - $125

  • Shaft alignment check - $155

(Note that the costs above cover the check only. Any work deemed necessary as a result of these inspections will be a separate chargfe based on time and materials after consulting the owner.)


  • On site (at our shop) - Includes oil and filter change, drain water from engine, run and fill with non-toxic antifreeze, fog engine, add stabilizer to fuel, disconnect battery and keep charged over winter and springtime activation - $399  (Materials are included in the price)

  • Off site (at other than our shop) - Includes the same as above - $449 (plus travel time and mileage)

(Note that for both inboard and stern-drive boats this includes 5 qts of oil. Additional oil or special oil will add to the cost)



  • Enclosed storage building, winter season (< 9 mos.) - $42/ft (requires advanced notice, limited availability)

  • Hoop tent, winter season (< 9 mos.) - $39/ft

  • Enclosed storage building, year round - $60/ft (requires advanced notice, limited availability)

  • Hoop tent, year round - $56/ft

Empty Trailers

  • Summer - $100/season


Hoist/Soak Service

  • Hoist fee per-use, loading/unloading - $150 (non-Sawmill Marina members)

  • Hoist fee for soaking bottom until swelled. Included hoist fee above (non-members), disabling bilge pump, covering boat (to the max extent possible, dependent on mooring cover), draining bilge & reactivating bilge pump once swelled, place back on trailer or deliver to slip in Back Bay - $278 (members) - $440 (non-members)

Trailer Rental Fee

  • One-time use - $4/mile ($100 minimum)

  • Winter storage use - $300

  • Year round storage use - $500

Transport fee - $125/hr + $1.25/mile

Sales Commission

  • Boat in yard or with owner - 10% of final sale price

  • Boat in water, in our slip, in our care - 15% of final sale price

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